Aledia develops and manufactures an LED (light-emitting diode) display technology based on a unique 3D architecture using gallium-nitride (GaN-on-silicon) nanowires (WireLED TM).

For greater battery life

Better outdoor readability

Improved image quality

Higher resolution

At the forefront of microLED display technologies

The only microLED technology on large-area silicon, years ahead in volume manufacturability, high yield and low cost.

Made for the future, made for any device

Made on standard silicon wafers, the light-emitting part of the display has been designed to be manufacturable by existing microelectronics foundries

We are Aledia

In 2019, after seven years at MINATEC Entreprises, Aledia has led a 20 million euro project to build a 4,000 sqm facility in Echirolles, in the Grenoble metropolitan area.

In 2020, Aledia has chosen to build its future large scale manufacturing facility in Champagnier (near Grenoble) to mass-produce its 3D microLEDs.

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The Echirolles site is dedicated to R&D activities and low volume production.
Target: production startup in less than two years.

9 years

Founded in 2011, Aledia is a the forefront of a revolution that will introduce new display technologies.

New facility for R&D and start of production

Aledia inaugirated its Echirolles site in November 2019, and will be ready for industrial production within 2 years.

197 patent families

Patents protect our know-how and ensure our displays remain highly regular and manufacturable at the best price.