A unique microLED architecture

Created in 2011, Aledia develops 3D micro-light-emitting-diode (microLED) chips used in displays, based on a unique architecture using gallium-nitride (GaN)-on-silicon nanowires (WireLED™). The Aledia technology is currently implemented on 200 mm silicon wafers and will evolve towards 300 mm silicon wafers for high-volume production .

Competitive advantages of microLEDs compared to other technologies

When compared to existing products (LCDs, OLEDS, LCOS), this unique technology, protected by 238 patent families, offers huge opportunities for the $120 billion display market:

  • Added energy efficiency (longer battery life)
  • Higher brightness (outdoors readability)
  • Better color quality
  • Higher dynamic range
  • Faster display switching speed

All at a competitive manufacturing cost.


Aledia has patented Smartpixels, which put electronics inside each individual pixel at the wafer level (over 100M pixels at a time). Aledia’s patented Smartpixels can be used to make displays that are flexible, transparent, with higher dynamic range, a better image quality and lower in cost than existing systems, while enabling new formats compared to conventional displays.

Aledia’s patented architecture uses well-known technology building blocks, ensuring low technology risks.

To this day, Aledia has filed 52 patents for Smartpixels,


Easy to manufacture

  • Designed on standard silicon wafers, the light-emitting part of the display is manufacturable by standard microelectronics foundries.
  • 200mm (8’’) standard silicon substrate easily scalable to 300mm (12’’).
  • Production on large wafers gives Aledia a significant advantage on the competition as it lowers transfer and assembly costs.
  • Only the growth of nanowire LEDs is carried out in-house by Aledia.
  • Remaining manufacturing steps are subcontracted to standard silicon foundries.

Flexible substrate

  • Strong compatibility with flexible or conformable displays.

“Energy efficiency, display quality and cost are three critical characteristics of mobile consumer electronics displays, and we feel Aledia’s 3D LED technology […] can impact this space”

Gregory M. Bryant, Senior VP and general manager of the Client Computing Group, Intel.

User benefits

  • Greater battery life
  • Better outdoor readability
  • Improved image quality
  • Higher resolution

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