Aledia Creates MicroLED Technologies for the Displays of Tomorrow

At the Forefront of Innovation

Aledia is revolutionizing the field of display screens by introducing LED technology to the world of microelectronics. Our microLED technology based on 3D and silicon nanowires opens the way to multi-functional, intelligent, interactive, transparent, foldable, rollable screens, which integrate sound, and will one day restore relief and volumes. Designed and manufactured in France, our eco-responsible solutions guarantee screens with unrivaled image quality, very energy efficient and more durable, for unprecedented battery life.

Sharper and More Sustainable Display

Our screens, equipped with cutting-edge microLED components, offer unparalleled qualities: brightness, contrast, color range, and purity.

This combination ensures a superior visual experience, optimized for all lighting conditions and environments.

Longer battery life
Improved outdoor readability
Enhanced image quality
Higher definition

Commitment to Excellence

With nearly 300 patent families, renowned investors, a dedicated R&D team including over 60 PhDs in science, an industrial production facility, and an unwavering commitment to quality, each element of our technological edifice ensures that our products are unlike any others on the market.

Multiple Applications

From smartwatch, smartphone, and tablet screens to laptops, large TV screens, and augmented reality applications, our microLEDs adapt to all environments. Whether at home, in the office, in vehicles, airplanes, or even outdoors, they offer versatile solutions for all situations.


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