“There is a disruption in the display market”

Giorgio Anania
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Aledia

Aledia’s ambition is to disrupt the display market with our unique 3D microLED technology. All today’s display technologies, LCDs and OLEDs or LCOS for projection applications, have low energy efficiency and low brightness, making them a poor fit in today’s world of mobile systems (smartphones, tablets, virtual reality, augmented reality, smartwatches, laptops, flexible, wearable displays, etc.)

Display experts generally agree that microLEDs will be a game changer in new-generation displays, promising higher energy efficiency, brightness and improved image quality, key questions being: which technology? And when will it be available?
Aledia is aiming to be the first major player in the overall microLED display market, bringing advanced microelectronics manufacturing technology to the world of displays.

Our 3D microLEDS are manufactured on large-area 200 to 300mm (8-12’’) silicon wafers, using standard, well-established processes of the microelectronics industry.
Our unique technology, protected by 197 patent families, allows manufacturing cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, unmatched brightness, and improved image quality, defining a new generation of displays in all sizes and formats, from large TVs and wall displays to laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and augmented or virtual reality devices.

The silicon platform the technology is based upon is also facilitating the incorporation of electronics into microLED displays, making new display product concepts possible. Aledia is involved in product development with several of the world’s largest technology companies, three of which are also investors.

Aledia’s business model is to manufacture only one value-added stage in its products – the growth of the GaN nanowires that incorporate our key expertise -, and to subcontract the rest of the chip manufacturing process to established silicon foundries. This business model allows us to meet the very high volume needs of today’s leading consumer electronics products.

In preparation for the commercial roll-out of our products, we have strengthened our R&D capabilities with  our  R&D center in the outskirts of Grenoble (France), which will allow for the start of industrial volume production.

We have also selected a site in Champagnier, in the Grenoble area, to build our new production facility, which will allow us to go into full production in 2023.

Executive comitee


  • Origin

    French company based in Grenoble (created in 2011, a CEA-LETI spin-off).

  • Target

    3D LEDs for mobile displays ($120 billion market)

  • Patent

    238 Patent families filed or exclusively licensed

  • Staff

    > 210

  • Investors

    Intel Capital, TEL, Valeo, Ingka Investments, Braemar Energy Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures, BPI France Ecotechnologies Fund, BPI France SPI Fund, Demeter Investment Partners, Supernova Invest, Groupe Idec, CCBT, plus several large technology companies.


Aledia ranked first among the French small and medium companies for patent applications (INPI - France) several years in a row.
French Tech Next 40 growth-stage program official member.