Advantages of working at Aledia

At ALEDIA we place team work at the heart of our success. We strive to create a sense of belonging so that employees work together towards a common goal in an atmosphere of trust. We are constantly searching for talented team players to support our unprecedented growth and expansion.

A Start-up spirit in a fast-growing international business

At Aledia, we like our employees to feel fully supported in living fruitful personal and professional lives. Achieving a healthy work/life balance is a daily challenge but we strongly believe that employees’ personal passions will have a positive impact in the workplace. Our R&D building has been designed by space planning experts to keep staff inspired, by supporting creativity, team work, innovation, and increasing social connection between departments.

Be inspired, be innovative

Our ambitious cutting-edge technology has the potential to disrupt the existing display market. Thanks to international partnerships and with the support of our investors, our expert R&D team aspires to continuously innovate and introduce new technologies to today’s and tomorrow’s industry. We are also heavily investing in new and extremely efficient equipment, allowing our teams to work on the highest and most current level of technology.

ALEDIA – headquartered in the heart of the French Alps
Grenoble – Capital of the French Alps

“… A mountain at the end of every street”, said French author Stendhal, speaking of Grenoble.

Grenoble, also known as the capital of the French Alps, is surrounded by mountains and offers exceptional landscapes. In a very short drive, you can experience exciting activities such as skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, climbing…

Ideally located

The city is close to Lyons, the second biggest city in France, only three hours from Paris by train, and ideally located at the junction of Italy and Switzerland.

Neighboring Lyons and Geneva airports offer an easily accessible gateway to the entire world.

Access to the seaside is easy, three hours’ drive from Grenoble.

A strong historical tradition in innovation.

Grenoble holds a strong innovation-oriented identity, and is the French nanotechnologies capital: the city is home to world-class labs and research centers, major high-tech companies, a buzzing network of technology start-ups, a top-ranked engineering school, business school and university, and naturally boasts a high concentration of entrepreneurs.

Take a ride across town

Grenoble offers an extensive network of public transportation, with tramways, buses, and trains covering the entire suburban area. The city has a strong reputation of encouraging alternative transportation means, having vastly invested in green transportation with easily accessible bicycles and electric cars for hire.

Cultural activities

With a rich cultural and historical background, the region offers a wide range of cultural activities: museums and galleries, concert halls, libraries, theaters and movie theaters…Grenoble is also a hotbed for performing arts and musical shows.


Sports in Isère holds an essential place. Several factors can explain this phenomenon: an old sporting tradition, a preponderant role in the organization of modern sport, especially in terms of sliding, a wide variety of disciplines practiced at a high level, and a local policy encouraging the practice. This explain why nearly 15% of the population is licensed in at least one sports federation, above national average. Highly practiced sports are biking, hiking, skiing, rugby, tennis, canyoning, and many others.

Other benefits

French Social Security

Foreigners living and working in France gain government benefits under the compulsory general scheme, including healthcare. All French companies’ employees are eligible to paid leave (at least 25 working days per year), public and private health insurance, life insurance, professional hazards insurance, family benefits, and retirement pension.

International City : Relocation services

Grenoble is a truly international and cosmopolitan city. The large international community encouraged the creation of an international school right at the heart of the city’s high-tech district. Grenoble’s expatriate community is also welcoming newcomers with meetings and assistance.

ALEDIA provides its foreign newly appointed employees and their family professional and personal assistance, through relocation services which include information and help for visas, accommodation, schools, administrative and financial management..