Fundamental Differences in Planar and 3D LEDs

2D (Planar) LEDs technology

2D (Planar) LEDs:

  • Small, expensive substrate
  • Slow MOCVD growth process (high capital expenditure)
  • High materials consumption
  • LED-specific manufacturing plants
  • Light emission area = at most the 2D area
  • Single color on one wafer

3D (Microwire) LEDs technology

3D (Microwire) LEDs:

  • Large, economical substrate
  • Fast MOCVD growth process (low capital expenditure)
  • Low materials consumption
  • Existing high-volume silicon wafer fabs
  • Light emission area = up to 3X the 2D area = more light/mm2 or less current density, less efficiency droop
  • Multiple colors on one wafer or even on one chip

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